Storing Wine

What do you do after you have picked up a bottle of fine wine? Unless you plan to pop it open soon, it must be stored in a conducive environment so that it is of optimum quality when it is finally consumed.


Storing wines in the right temperature is of utmost importance. The optimum temperature for wine storage is between 8C and 18C. Anything warmer than 21C will affect the wine and result in less than desirable aroma and taste. It is also best to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.


Direct sunlight is detrimental to the quality of fine wines as harsh light will age them quicker. It is best to keep the bottles in a dry and dark area.


Corked bottles should be stored on their side to prevent the corks from drying out. Once a bottle of wine is no longer airtight, oxygen seeps in and the quality of wine deteriorates. Screw-capped bottles can be stored upright or at an angle.